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Educational Theatre as Calling



Take it from the T.O.P. 

is an educational theatre philosophy integrating psychology, spirituality, and the arts that begins with the premise that teaching theatre is a calling with the potential to transform lives.  

Project SPEAK UP!


SPEAK UP!© is an original, award-winning, play written by Hannah Billups, Raiya Browning, Hannah Loessberg and Griffin Webb and performed by students for students and adults that gives voice to some of the most troubling and traumatic issues facing young people today. The often-taboo topics of sexual assault, harassment, identity, and suicide are brought to the stage in a powerful 25-minute performance that serves as a catalyst for conversation afterward. 

For information on producing SPEAK UP! or to order a perusal copy of SPEAK UP! contact educational theatre

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Theatre on Purpose is a California Non Profit 501c3  Corporation that uses the arts as a means for self-discovery, cultural understanding, societal transformation and global citizenry. 

T.O.P. supports the Educational Theatre Community by providing a platform for high school and college students’ original work focused on social justice issues.

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