Play Submission Guidelines

Calling Student Playwrights


T.O.P. will host an annual call for submissions for original works focused on specific  themes.  Submissions will be read and evaluated by a panel of playwrights, editors, and educational theatre professionals.  

Stay Tuned for Deadlines and Important Dates!



Length:  10 - 25 minutes. This makes the material eligible for play festivals and competitions. The goal for the work is to be seen by student audiences so by maintaining the festival length increases the potential for future audiences. 

Language:  While T.O.P. will not censor material, unnecessary profanity is discouraged.

Cast Size: In order to provide maximum opportunity for students to experience the transformative power of live theatre both as actors and audience, plays that feature large ensembles are encouraged.

Production elements: Many festivals have limited time and technical resources for set up and strike.  Works that inventively utilize minimalistic staging and  storytelling techniques are encouraged. 

Target Audience: 

Formatting: Must comply with standard playwriting format, including title page with character description, setting, page numbers and page numbers. 

The Drama Teacher's Mentor


The Drama Teacher’s Mentor - Take it From the T.O.P. 

By drawing on my thirty years of experience as a theatre educator and pastoral counselor, my mission is to mentor and inspire the next generation of theatre educators to recognize their profession as a calling with the potential to transform lives by creating purpose-driven theatre programs that center around

 creating purpose- driven original works with students